Saturday, 10 August 2019

Check me out - McCalls 7314 shirt dress

Boy I have been remiss about blogging in the last 12 months.  I guess my heart just hasn't been in it. I was looking at photos yesterday because I was putting some old patterns on ebay and found a bunch of photos I'd taken and hadn't put on the blog, then I logged on and found a bunch of blog posts in draft. So the fact I wore this dress on friday I think it's time I posted the pics. 

This is my second foray using this particular dress pattern. I was so happy to find this cute fabric which is a flannalette. So this look is definitely inspired by the 90's. An era I still have so much fondness for. So from my original post McCalls 7314 you can see the collar wasn't really working for me.  I drafted a different collar for this dress from a vintage shirt pattern I had. For some reason this variation in the collar pattern caused my buttons to be out of alignment.  I think this is only really obvious when I point it out.  

What I love about this shirt dress is the unusual design being a higher waisted dress and yay, it has elastic in the back. So comfy for my ever expanding middle aged figure.  It is an easy pattern to put together. I would definitely recommend it for people who don't want a fitted shirt dress. 

Certainly one thing I have noticed in my photos since I began the blog in 2014 is that I have gained quite a bit of weight. And this sad fact has been provied as, alas, I no longer fit into quite a few things I've made in the last 5 years.  This is pretty depressing for a sewer.  It makes it hard culling clothes that you have made. I know there are still plenty of new clothes to make, but it hard parting with the old ones.  

I was at a secondhand shop with my friend Michael, maybe last year, when I found one of my tops for sale. The good news, at least, was that it was in the "high end" section classified as Vintage. Michael asked how I knew it was mine. Honestly, of course you recognise something you made.  Anyways we took a funny photo of him holding it, and afterwards, I don't know why but I felt a bit sad after seeing it. I know it's doing good and hopefully making money for a charity. But future note to self,  probably shouldn't give you clothes away to a charity shop that you also shop at.