Thursday, 31 March 2016

Butterick 5496

A little something from the vault.  I made this top several years ago now to wear for a wedding.  I initially did version D which has a slit in the upper seam and is elasticated. However, the material is 100% cotton so looked a little stiff and poofy, hence I removed the elastic.  I really liked the oriental print of this material and it's the perfect length of top to wear with a long skirt or jeans.    

I made the necklace with a turquoise and gold beads which I thought was a nice contrast to the other colours in the blouse. Also originally worn with a long olive green A-line skirt.


This is a quick easy make if you want something stylish to whip up in an afternoon. I definitely recommend it.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

70's inspired top

I made this top using this vintage Simplicity pattern as the base.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with this cotton craft fabric from Lincraft, but since it had a 70's vibe I thought I should go with a 70's pattern.  Originally I thought maybe a peasant top, but I remembered how much I liked this pattern.  This is quite a simple pattern and a quick make. The pattern pieces are cut on the bias which makes it easier for getting over your head even using a fabric without stretch. 

I basically changed the neckline and took a few centimetres off the side seams.  I may take the hem up another inch or so. Really happy with this basic work top. Would look good with a skirt or pants. And I have hardly any blues in my work wardrobe.

I also added some top stitching to the seam lines at the front, just to give a little definition to the sections.   

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

McCalls 7084

I think this is the first shirt dress pattern that I have actually completed.  I picked up the pattern in a sale at Spotlight, even though I had a couple of similar patterns at home.  The material is a nice light linen blend also from Spotlight. 

Overall it a pretty easy make, even though there are a poo load of pieces to the pattern, given the various panels.  I don't think the end result is exactly flattering. It looks a bit boxy, even with the belt.  Plus I maybe should have lined the skirt. I haven't worn it yet because the half slips I own are not short enough given the lower front opening.  It's probably lack of enthusiasm for the dress that has left me unmotivated about sorting out the slip/lining dilemma. 

The side angle doesn't look too bad. Also it's a shame about the collar, I think it sits out a bit too wide. 

I didn't have enough material for a belt so had to go out and buy a new belt.  I could have gone for a thinner belt as well.

No complaint about the pattern, it's just this style doesn't suit me.  Having said that there are a couple of other versions with a fuller skirt which I might try. View C looks like a interesting option.

Image result for mccalls 7084

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Style 1611

It is time once more for some sewing in the 70's.  I have made something a little similar in style before with a denim. I was also very glad to actually find some material in my stores which was appropriate (this rarely ever happens). Pretty sure I bought this material the first time I visited The Fabric Store.  At the time I intended it for a fitted sleeveless work frock but fortunately that never happened. It went where all good fabric goes to be forgotten about, hence its destiny lay in this slightly more interesting retro frock.  I can see from the photographs that I had that certain glow about me, it being about 7.45 in the AM and it being summer in Brisbane.  I'm sure by the time I got to work I already looked a tad wilted.


This was a very easy make, although I did have trouble with the front panel of the bodice.  It turned out to be way too wide and the rest of the bodice was gaping every which way.  I should have known better given that when I made my pineapple frock, with the same feature, I had this same problem.  It's still a little roomy but all in all I am very happy.  The length is true to the pattern but if I had more fabric I would have probably gone a few more inches in the length.  I already have a two tone more casual version in my thoughts.