Saturday, 21 January 2017

Edith Blouse

I have been very lax in keeping up with the blog recently.  Definitely not interested in taking photos with our constant heat wave conditions here in Brisbane. I do have a few previously photographed goodies I can attend to on this thankfully mild Sunday morning. 

I saw this pattern on the Scruffy Badger blog and really liked the simple style.  This lovely dress/blouse comes from Maria Denmark.  I don't recall having any problems with the pattern. Sizing seemed to be accurate and instructions very straightforward.  This pattern is definitely a winner for a great looking shirt for work or to pair with a vintage style skirts for a more casual look.  It's great not having to set in sleeves when you are already doing a collar and buttons. 

I bought this great sewing themed craft fabric from Lincraft at some point last year.  Like a lot of the craft cottons it has the potential to crease more than some other cottons, but I think it's a good weight for a tailored style shirt. 

Apart from the creasing at the back (really should have taken another photo with the hem pulled down, ah well), it does have a good line.  I could probably take it in a little bit for a snugger fit.  I will definitely use this pattern again and may consider doing the shirt dress.