Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Butterick 5480

Looking for something quick and easy to sew, well this is the pattern for you.  Even though I've finished quite a few projects recently the hot weather just doesn't put me in the mood for photographing them. So basically things photographed in recent weeks are only things I've worn out. 

Anyways this is a great basic peasant style blouse. However, I used a 100% cotton fabric which I had been wanting to use for ages.  It does make the sleeves appear a little voluminous as the pattern probably calls for a softer fabric.  Oh well, I'm pretty happy with the result. I think I finished it while watching a couple of episodes of the West Wing.   

The photographs unfortunately don't show the true colour. It seems a bit washed out here.  It's got a mustard tone to the background, not the greeny look you see here. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

70's Smock, The Sequel

Here is a second version of a 70's smock top that I made using Simplicity 5756 .  My original was quite a  long version which I can wear as a dress or over jeans. I went for something a little shorter in a black broderie anglaise.  The pattern also called for a small back zip. After I made my original version I reaslised that a zip wasn't necessary as there was plenty of room to get my head through the neck opening. And just plenty of room all round.  The original version was also a very large size 10, with gaping underarms which I had to keep taking in. This time I think I've made the perfect size.  I also ran out of material for my first version and couldn't do a double sided sleeve.  This time, however I had enough material. This material will be just fab for the warmer months, of which we have a plenty.

Also finally getting some wear out of one my necklaces that I made a long while back.


Again, another great 70's pattern.  Maybe I'll try the Maxi dress version one day.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Just finish the bleeping thing!

I have quite a few newly finished items to blog about, but haven't been in the mood for photographing my makes.  So I thought I'd fill in this week's space with a ode to the unfinished creations. 

I'm not sure how it happens, but I have a tendency to start certain projects and then abandon them half or more the way through.  Sometimes it's because the pattern seems to be taking forever to come together (too many steps) and I just lose interest.  Or, it's been a frustrating venture with instructions that don't make sense or part of the project isn't coming together properly. Then sometimes it's just a lousy fit and I know I'll have to unpick and fix something. 

I knew at some point this year I had to set my challenge to at least finish a few of the unfinished before the end of 2015.  Hopefully by actually typing this, I shall attempt to finish some of these sad little forgotten makes. 

Exhibit A

The Vogue shirt dress. I really did get most of the way through on this gem.  I didn't particularly like the way the back of the dress was looking, too much poof, but I'm sure this can be fixed with a few darts.  Also this cotton material is quite peculiar.  I tried to hand sew the inner waistband and couldn't get the needle through the fabric. So I think when I finally get to attaching the buttons I'll have to do it with the machine.  Anyways I'm sure I could finish this all off in an afternoon, collar, buttonholes and sleeve binding.  It's all ready to go.  So fingers crossed. 

Exhibit B

My cat and contrasting spot fabric Cambie.  Now I've made a Cambie before and it was far from great.  The sizing was too big and the sleeve lining was showing so I had to re-do the sleeves, but couldn't really take in the dress because of the lining.  Sooooo, I thought I'd give it another crack and I did get a lot of the bodice done, but must have lost interest.  Perhaps it was a new project screaming out to me to be made.  I also want to make this year's work festive frock from the Cambie, so the pattern will be whipping through my Janome at some point regardless. 

Exhibit C

On my horsey frock!  This was a finished McCalls pattern where I used an olive green bodice with a black frill.  The dress looked pretty good too, but it was a tad snug in Tummy Town.  Also the fabric I used for the bodice was a little stiff and didn't sit as well as I would like. So awhile back I cut out a new bodice in black and that was more than half finished.  I have no explanation for my abandonment of this project.  

Exhibit D

I remember cutting out this shirt when I was house sitting at my parents' place maybe 2 years ago. At least half of it is is finished.  I think all that there is to do is attach the collar, button holes and add sleeves. 

So there you have it, just a handful of the sins of this sewer.  These aren't projects that I've abandoned because they were disasters but because, well I can't actually explain myself.  So here's to the remaining weeks of 2015 and I shall hopefully use them wisely and just finish one or more of these bleeping things!!!! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Simplicity 2215

I'm finally getting around to blogging about this Cynthia Rowley pattern.  I have used the skirt pattern 3 times and made up the pinafore once.  The skirt has become my go to skirt when I do pleats in a full skirt.  I have a grey version which I get a lot of wear out of. I made up this nice neutral patterned duck cloth (below) which goes well with all things brown and neutral.  Though the skirt can tend to be somewhat tight at times, depending on how much edible indulging I've been up to.  Also this fabric is a bit of a creaser bummer. 

My favourite version thus far.  I love the bold dots and the colour. Again, it's a duck cloth from Spotlight. Plus the colours lend themselves to wearing some different coloured tops and tights in the winter months. However, I decided I wanted to get more wear out of it so made this navy version of the top.  The top was very easy to make.  I've just been getting back to collars and buttonholes in recent years.  For some reason I've not been choosing many patterns with either of these.  But really buttonholes aren't that big of a deal, once you do one the other's all come together pretty quickly. 

The pinafore was a bit of a let down. I think perhaps the colour was way too blah and for some reason the lining in the bodice seems to pull and sometimes leave obviously creases that show through at the front.  This is one of those material that would be horrendo for pants because it would show any lumps and bumps you may be carrying.  I've seen this before on some poor unsuspecting lassy wearing a pair of taupe coloured trousers and more unfortunate choice of underwear, the G-string, letting a whole buttocks/thigh of hail damage to shine through the fabric. Honestly cellulite does not discriminate you don't have to be a overweight for that monster to rear it's ugly head. So if you are wearing a fitted clothing in the beige taupe tones, just have a looksee at your rear visage in the mirror before you leave home. 

The best thing about this was the deer buttons I bought on Etsy.