The Polly File

Cute or creepy, you be the judge.

Cat v sewing.  So you want to do some sewing.  You think all is quiet with your feline companion fast asleep in another room. Time to get out your pattern and fabric.  Sometimes you even make it to putting the pattern pieces on the fabric before old helpful paws decides that a quick dash and roll across your fabric is a fabulous idea.  This isn't so bad if you haven't already started placing your pattern pieces on the fabric.  And oh what a great noise that crinkling pattern paper makes.  Fortunately I haven't had too many pattern pieces destroyed.  Even ironing on interfacing seems like a good game, surely 7kg of cat can fit neatly on an ironing board along with your iron and fabric.  Here is a few examples of Miss PJ being very helpful.

Fabric surfer

Now if she was a smaller cat this would almost be handy. I could cut out around her.
It's like totally exhausting cutting out lining.


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