Sunday, 24 August 2014

Vintage - Style 1600

Ah one of my favourite eras, the 1970's. When I first ventured into the realm of vintage patterns I was looking for styles similar to the clothes Mary Richards wore on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Now I bought some lovely patterns and the only one that I have made up from that first buy was the pinafore which features in anearlier posts. Not actually a salute to Mary that one.  When looking on line for vintage patterns these days I find it hard to go past some of the lovely summer dresses from that period.  The material I used for this first effort is the cheap basic 100% cotton.  I would have loved to have found some stripes.  Also it was a tad on the snug side around my waist.  I will certainly be making this pattern up again. I love the square neckline. The first time I wore it my friend Lee-Anne told me it looked a bit Alice in Wonderland.  Well I usually do hear pieces of cake calling to me "eat me" and I always oblige.      

This is actually blue with white spots.

Butterick 4549

Something more from my vast selection of vintage patterns.  I received this pattern is a bulk ebay purchase, I think 25 patterns in total.  All of the patterns were a size 16.  Now according to measurements set out on the back of most patterns I am allegedly a size 16.  Funny how I've been buying and making size 12 garments for most of my sewing life.  I have recently made the mistake of making  a few items to a size 14 given that I have put a little weight in my advancing years.  This has resulted however in an oversized garment - boo.  At the end of the day I was happy to purchase the size 16 vintage patterns as I figured it would be easier to adjust down a couple of sizes, rather than buying smaller patterns and then having up size.   Also vintage patterns seem to be a bit smaller, especially around the neck and arms.  Sure I've got a bit more weight around the arms than I had when I was younger, but would hate to think I've got plump around the neck.  Now the garment is definitely a bit loose fitting but I'm happy with the results.   

Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Look 6223, The Sequels

Here is my favourite frock pattern in recent times versions numero deux and trois.  The 2 tone ensemble started as an idea with a sleevless black and white spot bodice and skirt in red cotton sateen. I even purchased the material and did the pre-wash for both pieces.  Alas the dye in the black and white cotton material must have run and left some black stains through various parts of my red cotton sateen - boo.  Anyways on another trip to Spotlight I spied this even groovier black and white material with varying polka dot sizing and decided my wardrobe needed a bit of emerald green in the mix.  I even made my own bias binding for the neckline instead of using facing.  All in all a good result which gets nice comments. Though it is so hard to keep creases out of plain materials.

This is by far my favourite version of this frock.  The material was on sale for $6 at Spotlight. It was evidently "Halloween" fabric.  Can't really see it myself. The material is a slightly heavier weighted cotton. It has a slight open weave and sits really well. I just wish I could find a pair of orange or green shoes to really set off the colours of the dress. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mathilde Blouse

This top was a brave new adventure for me.  I had never in my sewing adventures tried french seams.  Also the pleats at the front were something different for my repertoire.  I actually made the top almost 12 months ago, and then the weather warmed up very quickly and I really can't wear too much of a sleeve in the Brisbane summer.  Did I mention how much I don't like hot weather.  

Here kitty kitty

I have wasted a bit of time on the interweb trying to find feline emblazoned fabrics.  Sadly there aren't nearly enough.  Trying to find something not to cutesy, nearly impossible.  Once again, Spotlight to the rescue with this printed drill cotton.  Did not exactly feel brave enough to wear an entire dress of this fabric so decided to consult my 60's dress pattern catalogue and found this pattern (Butterick 4348) where I could use a front panel section as my feature.  I had some leftover grey fabric from a skirt I had made, which I used from the front and some of the back section. I just needed a bit of black drill cotton for the back skirt section.  

It is always interesting working with vintage patterns.  Particularly the ones that have no lines drawn on the pattern pieces, just perforations where the darts etc. should be.  I always find corner sections of panels are slightly difficult to do.  I haven't yet worked out how to sew these sections together and get a nice sharp line in the corners.  With this pattern, I ended up having to put some darts in the bust line to the front top corners, because the front was a bit too poofey at the front.   The usual problem I believe is my lack of mammary sizing which causes me some issues.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Feeling Foxy

New look 6223.  I really like this pattern.  Point in case I've made 4 versions so far.  It is similar to other patterns on the market, but  I prefer the structure of the bodice section of this pattern.  I decided with the sleeves on this particular version to keep them plain instead of gathered like the pattern.  I didn't think they would suit the Duckcloth material.  However, looking at them now they appear a little boxy.  I really love love this fabric.  I had seen it at Spotlight previously but was waiting for another sale to purchase and lucky for me the price was right in one sale reduced to $6 per metre.  I've still got some left over and will definitely make a little top for the summer.  Was out having dinner recently on holidays in Melbourne.  Was accosted by a very drunk bride to be on her hen's night and she reewwwally reewallllayyy loved my dress.  After I extricated myself from several drunk hugs I was still felt very chuffed by the complement.   This fabric also encompasses my favourite colours red and brown, and heck anything with a animal motif is just fab. 

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Look 6068

This almost matches version E with the colours.  This is such an easy pattern to put together and yay for no zips and only one button.  I adjusted the sleeves to a shorter version because that was all the material I had.  Will definitely make this pattern up again.  The material is a cotton drill from Lincraft if I remember correctly. 

Thought I'd do some prop work with this photo.  That would be my mum's old Box Brownie from when she was a wee lass.  It's a nice family heirloom to have displayed in my little flat.

Friday, 8 August 2014

When a skirt doesn't work out......

You turn it into a dress.  I've had a number of occasions where I've thought a nice full skirt was a good idea.  However, after I've finished the skirt, to put it kindly it hasn't been very flattering on me even with a jazzy belt.  I think my problem is where the waistband sits on my tummy, which we can safely say is not exactly flat.  I can wear a dress with a full skirt so hence I've just taken a basic top pattern and then attached it to the skirt.  The first one worked out quite well in fact the skirt has more of a drop waist look. The second one was a bit on the large size, nothing that a nice wide belt can't fix. 

I think this outfit started with the buttons. I saw them at Lincraft and knew I really really needed
something to put them on.

Monday, 4 August 2014

New Look 6808

I've made 3 versions of this top.  This is a fairly easy top to make however I remember there was something wrong with the capped sleeves which needed altering. The first version I did (version C) had the sleeves folding in on themselves under the under. Not noticeable when you are wearing.  I also found the side bow a little fiddly, because I'd never done something like that before.  However, it all worked out in the end.  Probably would have been nicer with a contrasting bow given the material I used.    

Version C.  This lovely fabric was from Gardams. I love the swallows, though I think they may be flying in the wrong direction - mmm?  I think I've seen another version of the material in a yellow.  

Version E.  I'm really happy with this colour contrast and happy with how the collar turned out.

I bought this elephant print craft fabric on a whim.  There was only 1 metre left.  I didn't imagine I would be able to actually make a top with it.  I think this started out as version D, but with capped sleeves.  I think I was just looking to use the collar and not the long tied bow.  Due to some flaw in the finished product I ended up make a bow to disguise it.

I will make this pattern again. I did want to make a longer sleeve version this winter but never quite got around to it. Maybe next year.   A good basic top that you can whip up in afternoon.  

Friday, 1 August 2014

Butterick 5463

I love this top simply because it is so easy to make.  After you've done a few complicated projects it's nice to have something you can whip up in an hour or two. In particular something without buttons and zips.  I have only done the basic version of the pattern, but added my own little extras to a few of them.  The pattern is pretty much two rectangles and some neck facing.  The two cloth belts are my own creation taken from an old Vogue pattern that I had.

This is one of those non-crush synthetic blends of fabric which I picked up at Lincraft. This top looks great with fitted black pants. 

I found this lovely fabric on the sale rack at Spotlight. Such a nice light cotton and I adore the colours.

This is a much heavier cotton fabric which gives the top a more structured look.  I wear it with a long skirt for work. 

What's not to love about balloons.
Added some buttons with this fabric I bought from the craft section at Lincraft

I've got a lot of wear out of this particular one.  I added 2 pleats on each size which gave the top some shape.

Taking inspiration from a onesy that I made for my friend's baby. The kitty face is borrowed idea from something I saw no Etsy.