Saturday, 18 June 2016

New Look 6187

I've been trying to branch out and make more tops recently. I bought a  couple of patterns last time when Spotlight had their $5 sale on patterns. Whenever these sales are on I go through the draws with my list of patterns and mostly they aren't there. Then I just start trawling through the drawers at random to see if anything takes my fancy.  This is where I found the New Look 6187.  I liked the looked of the mandarin collar version. 

Alas I was not happy with the end result.  Perfectly easy little top to make, but I didn't make the top long enough and also the sleeves are very boxy.  At first I thought I wouldn't wear it, but I guess it is wearable I'm just not l-o-v-ing it. 

As the basic style of the top is nice I might give one of the other versions a go in the longer sleeve and add a couple of inches to the length. 

Material was a quilting cotton that I've had for about 12 months.  Funny how it matches the diagram on the front of the pattern. 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Laptop Case

I've had my laptop for a couple of years now and for some reason only recently thought to make a cover for it.  I try to put it away in a cupboard when I'm not using it but it often lives under my coffee table.  Given I have a poo-load of fabric lingering around the joint I decided to use this vintage 70's floral print.  Yellow isn't really my shade but it looks quite good in an accessory.  

My first design I tried was an envelope. Unfortunately it didn't sit very well I think because I put wadding in the lining.  I just thought some padding was a good idea. 

Here I re-jigged the design and put straps with button holes and some covered buttons in the same fabric.  I also couldn't find any plain white material for the lining. I have white material somewhere, but alas I couldn't locate it.  I had a white pillow case that had gone a bit off colour so I decided to use that instead.  It was just the right width.

 Far from perfect, but it should do the job.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lucky Cat Frock

Here is another of my much used patterns, Simplicity 2215.  Though I've only made the dress/pinafore once before and it was not too fab.  So I'm out one day having lunch with my friend Cat and we walk into a little Japanese crafty gift store and they had some lovely linen type fabrics and one which screamed out to me, naturally featured pusscats. I'm not sure if I've actually seen the lucky cats on fabric before but here it is. The fabric was a dream to work with.   


So overall this Simplicity pattern has been pretty good to me and I had seen some lovely versions of the dress on blogs. Certainly the type of material you use is the key ingredient and I am very happy to have another kitty frock in my collection. 

I found some nice reddish coloured buttons at Spotlight which were a fairly good match the red tones in the material.  

And finally, I have the perfect outfit for my kitty bag.  I bought this bag last year and was initially put off by the horrid smell that kept emanating from it.  It was one of those strong chemical smells. Fortunately after airing it for about 6 months the aroma has now passed and I can wear my crazy cat lady ensemble with pride.  

And on the subject of "lucky cats", I would like to introduce a new family member to the FrocknStuff household, Salem.  He was my first and last foster cat.  I thought I'd do a good turn and become a feline foster carer.  But a 5 week foster, turned into 7 months and well I couldn't imagine not having him around. So Polly-Jean now has a little brother.