Sunday, 30 July 2017

New Look 6096 Version Deux

A few posts ago I showed a maxi dress from this pattern.  I've since made 2 other versions. Such a delight to make anything that doesn't involve zips and buttons.  I'm pretty happy with this version, though it is a little baggy around the bust - surprising I know.  

The material, bought at Lincraft, had been earmarked for a top quite some time ago, but I just couldn't commit to a pattern.  Plus it does have a school uniform whiff about it so I was a bit on the fence about what pattern would work best for it.  Anyway it's a lovely cotton fabric with a bit of weight to it. 

Generally a good pattern to work with. I just need to remember to get rid of a bit of the width in the bust section next time.  This is definitely a great little pattern with various option. I may even try using it for a top.  I'm still working on version B which seemed like a good option for a nightie. Haven't quite got around to finishing that one yet.  Watch this space for more versions.  

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