Monday, 8 May 2017

Simplicity 1419

This is my third outing with Simplicity 1419.  Now, you'd think that would mean making it up would be a breeze.  I shall blame the fabric.  I bought this cotton drill at Spotlight. Firstly the colour ran slightly when washed. That's why it is always a good idea to wash your fabrics before use.  I decided to have the material pattern running the opposite way in the bodice to the skirt section. I also had a problem cutting out the skirt section. Turns out the pattern of the fabric wasn't even.  It looks even white triangles and red triangles looked even shaped, but when I was cutting the hem section of the skirt, it was out by a few centimeters.  Very weird, it must have been on a gradual slope. Anyway I made up the dress and it looked really good even if a bit fiddly lining up the pattern.  However, the fit for the bodice was appalling. It was quite tight for some reason and I guess having the fabric going in a different direction meant no give.  So rather than put it in the bin, I had enough fabric to re-do the bodice.  Voila, fit was perfect. 

Now you can kind of see the pinky hue of the fabric in the white triangle sections.  I had intended this for a work dress but because of it's faults it's just another summer frock to wear about.  

I didn't bother with the button at the front. I may do that later, but since I wasn't exactly super pleased with the result I kind of lost interest in perfecting it. 

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