Monday, 1 December 2014

2014 Party Frock

It's that time of the year again to be thinking about Christmas party wear.  Although I don't go to too many actual parties, there is always a frock to be made at least for the work do. So I set out for the 2014 venture with the idea of finishing off a maxi style dress that I started last year. However, try as I may I couldn't find the pattern or the remaining bits of fabric. I'm sure they will turn up.  After going through my cache of fabrics I found some fabric and a Simplicity pattern I had been keen to make for the right event.  My idea was to use a cotton fabric with a brown and pink pattern for the bodice and team it with a silk style magenta for the skirt. 

So I got stuck into making up the bodice. All was going well. Then when I looked at cutting out the skirt section with the magenta I just couldn't bring myself to use this fabric for this particular dress. Instead I decided it would be perfect for a dress all on its own. I quite literally have hardly any me made items that are in a plain colour. And for some reason after seeing an episode of Masters of Sex I was quite taken with a green necklace one of the characters was wearing and I was keen to make a version of this necklace when I found the right type of fabric.  This is how some of sewing projects come to be. They start with an idea from some buttons I bought or some jewellery I am wanting to make.

So here it is the 2014 party frock. Using my trusty New Look 6223.

I know the fabric looks a bit crumpled but it is the way the actual fabric is. One of those crushed look fabrics.

I was happy with the necklace though I think a third string of beads would have been better. Can always add later I guess.

Sadly this is a one wear party frock.  I noticed a flaw in the fabric behind one of the arms before I left for the function. When I got home it had become an actual tear. Plus I really made a hash job of the zip. After 2 attempts it was probably one of the worst zips I've ever done. I think maybe it was the fabric. So as luck would have it I can at least use the skirt section for the original project. Just a bummer because I did quite like this item.

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