Thursday, 11 December 2014

Vogue 8645

A search of one section of my wardrobe(s) revealed a frock I had quite forgotten about. This is a very easy Vogue pattern. No zips no buttons, always a nice change.  The only real problem with this pattern was that I used a heavy lining. It's 100% cotton but it is quite a heavy cotton (I want to say poplin) compared to the a voile.  Also in the end I found I had to wear the dress back to front. The front V section in the front was a tad low cut for me. And my penchant for not showing off cleavage necessitates a more modest frontage.  I don't think you can tell that it is backwards.  It is an easy pattern to make though it does take quite a bit of fabric - 3.5m for the longer version (plus your lining).  I've got another couple of Vogue patterns in a slightly similar style but I balk at making them up due to the amount of fabric required.  Would recommend if you want a quick and easy summer dress. Obviously if you make the shorter version you won't be needing the oodles of fabrics.

My front section that is now the back.

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