Saturday, 30 June 2018

Vintage McCalls 3884

I always like to make a new frock for any birthday outings.  This year my celebrations included a trip to the theatre to see the London production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night followed by a nice dinner out with friends. Firstly, the play was just amazing.  I loved the book so was optimistic the play would be just as good, and it was.  Secondly, on the dressmaking front, I wanted to make another verious of this pattern I made several years ago now  I bought this rayon from Spotlight last year.  I loved the colours. Their rayon selection can be a bit pedestrian most of the time, but this fabric was definitely more interesting.  I actually only saw it on line. 

This is a very simple dress to make. The pattern does call fo a zip at the back, but I learned from the previous version you don't need one as there is plenty of room around the neck line so it goes straight over the old noggin. 

I do love a fabric with a stripe feature, so I used the pattern going in opposite directions to yoke for a bit of a contrast.  It's not as obvious with the pattern fabric.  The fabric is a bit like those pictures people used to have where if you stared at it long enough you'd see some hidden image.  

I love all the colours in the fabric, which means I can pair the dress with different colour tights. I have so may coloured tights in my collection. People are always asking where I get them from because you no longer seem to be able to buy coloured tights at stores.  Ebay from my friends.  Plenty of choices and they mostly reasonably priced.  


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